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1. What is the West Marches?

A. The Concept

B. The Rules of Engagement – How to play in the West Marches-style game

C. Dramatis personae – List of all Player and Non-Player Characters



2. Blood on the Snow – The Campaign Setting: Current Events, Sociology and Common Knowledge


A. The Town of Pengram - From A to Z

B. The Island of Snowdown - Under the Iron Fist of the Viceroy Erliza 

C. The Moonshae Isles - Feywild-touched and connected by savagery

D. The Sword Coast – Recent History and Sociology

E. The Continent of Faerûn - Social Geography

F. The World of Toril – Geography and Commonly Known World-shaping Events



3. The Notice Board: Jobs and Tasks requested at Clothes Contact



4. The Record Board: Records held by Player Characters in the West Marches



5. Quotes Wall: Collection of the funniest quotes from PCs and NPCs, alike



Main Page

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