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On the Island of Snowdown, among the Moonshae Isles, everyone from anywhere can be anyone; beings that are simply struggling to survive among Amnian oppression, a looming Giant threat and the ambitious Lycanthrope Moonlighter Society. Here the wicked and the righteous are back-to-back, and all matter of beings fight to make it to tomorrow in this savage land where resources are scarce and death lurks around any corner. 

Some want to liberate the Ffolk from Amnian colonialism, others want to capitalize on the chaos, though many just want to get off of this damnable Amnian rock and never look back. 

Over night, a mysterious, friendly old man appeared in the town of Pengram. Seemingly from thin air, he constructed the most put-together building the ungoverned, choatic town had ever seen. The large structure lay empty in the middle of town, waiting for the invitation that Bill Astley would hand out the following day.

Bill Astley approached you, with his disarming, white smile and teeth and friendly, wrinkled face, and extended his hand in friendship. "My friend," He began, "I see greatness in you. True greatness. I offer you an opportunity for opportunity." He retracts his hand and straightens his back, still smiling. "Squander it for you, or for the others, and that is your choice. Should you accept, you will be welcome among my Family. You will be welcome in Clothes Contact."


Home Page

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